Women love with their ears.

women love with earsYou have probably heard it many times. Women fall in love with their ears. While men love to see with their eyes and get excited, women need to hear first..

You know it definitely has sense in relationship. If all you guys out there are trying to make your woman fallhead-over-heelsfor you again, read on!

Do you agree that the impression received during the first meeting is crucial for developing further relations? Thus, it is better to produce good impression at the first date rather than to bring excuses every time, when you meet a woman afterwards.

To start the conversation with the pleasant phrase is a good beginning. Moreover, you can show your interest through a subtle complement, which will be admitted and appreciated if it is appropriate and sincere. Guys, do you know how to charm your lady already? Firstly don`t be lazy — write letters, not the simple one but full of admiration and affection. It`s very important for ladies to realize that there is nobody in the whole world except them who is able to make you happy. Women are very sensitive and should unmask you at once.

Men, if you love your lady just fascinate, conquer her, and make her believe she is the only one! But be careful: no lie!

And don`t think you should be gentlemen just at the beginning of your relations. You see inevery-daylife the following phrases are necessary as the breath of life: I think you`re beautiful. It doesn`t matter how high a woman`s self-esteem is, these words are needed and desired by every woman in a committed relationship. Just because you said it when you were first dating, or on your wedding day, doesn`t give you a free pass to never say it again. Our culture teaches us that looks mean a lot, and reassurance from our man that he likes the way we look means volumes to us. So trust me guys, this one will never get old to us. So say it! Everything will be alright. A reassuring word means a lot, and even more so when accompanied with a little cuddling. We women can get really emotional at times. You know there are times that we can start crying for basically no reason. And there are times that there is good reason. At such moments women want to know they`ll be taken care of. Please guys don`t consider us to be week andcry-babies.Just give us a big hug and tell them everything will be alright. And believe it or not, we`ll believe you.

ukrainian hot girl with luxury brown hairI`m listening. It seems like guys have a hard time with this one. Blame it on the wiring of their brains, or whatever, but it is hard to grab a guy`s full attention in a lot of cases. If men really want to knock a woman`s socks off, just listen! Turn off the radio or the TV when we start talking to you. Look us in the eyes. And most of all don`t jump in with your advice one minute into the conversation. A lot of the time, women just want to vent a little bit. We want to know that our feelings are being heard. So don`t jump in with your advice right away, but instead listen to us.

I love you. Okay guys, if you haven`t gotten this one down already, good luck! Don`t just assume that we know that you love us. Sure, it is important to show love through your actions, but hearing it from your lips makes it complete. If these words are said sincerely, they will never get old to us.

Guess you caught the main idea of this article. Communication is the key to a strong relationship! Ask your Lady what she needs to hear more often from you. Tell her what you need to hear more often from her. Communication is atwo-waystreet. You will find that your love will grow for each other as you both do and say little things that mean the world to each other.

I wish you all good luck!

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